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CoolRun is a smart, secure and affordable means of transporting temperature-sensitive goods from producer to consumer.

By removing the requirement for mobile refrigeration,  the insulated pods reduce pollution, decrease food waste and maximise payload.

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Integrated chilled & ambient containers

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12-24 hour zero emission power-free temperature control

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IoT and remote data monitoring


  • Front and rear access

  • Split temperature loads

  • Door open and lock to 270 degrees

  • Thin walled to ensure maximum load capacity

  • Flat shipping available

  • Vacuum panel design to provide additional temperature retention

  • Ducting to prevent thermal stratification

  • Straightforward configuration for simple changing of phase change material (PCM) plate

Available CoolRun Pod Variations

  • Open cargo, tray hanging and shelved variations

  • Click and collect capability

  • Broad size and capacity range


  • Reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption by removing the requirement for transport refrigeration units

  • Increased efficiency and decreased operational costs when compared to current chiller technologies

  • Optimise fleet utilisation by enabling multi-temperature loads on ambient vehicles

  • Comply with temperature-controlled goods transportation standards

CoolRun IoT & Data Analytics

CoolRun Pods are integrated with IoT and 24/7 data monitoring

Trackable deliveries and improved operational efficiency 

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