Fresh Produce Consortium

November 2021

Hubl presented the CoolRun Pod at the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) at The Lincolnshire Showground. Based in a major centre of UK food prodution, the exhibition was attended by a wide range of producers, retailers and transport providers.


The pod attracted considerable interest, not least from the DEFRA minister in attendance, Jo Churchill. Its ability to enable power-free transport chilled/frozen food at scale, for both first and last-mile distribution, received a great response from potential users.



Clean Air Programme 

October 2021

Hubl is a proud collaborator of the UKRI Clean Air Programme, which connects key industry players and academics to improve air quality nationally.


Across the UK, annually, van and lorry refrigeration systems release 120million Kg of CO2 per year. CoolRun technology provides an exciting solution which removes the requirement for these polluting units entirely.


Read more about the Clean Air Programme’s newly selected Clean Air Champions…

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Cold Chain Federation 

The Cold Chain Federation’s Net Zero Project is an exciting initiative which will facilitate the UK government’s objectives to improve nationwide air quality and ensure a net zero economy by 2050.   


The project is focussed on sustainable cold chain solutions and outlines four central industry targets, including the ambition that no new diesel TRUs should be placed on the UK market by 2030.


Read more about the project of which Hubl is a member here…

Cold chain industry in spotlight after new data reveals environmental impact of diesel refrigeration units

October 2021

Research into greenhouse gases from diesel-powered auxiliary transport refrigeration units (auxTRUs) has estimated that there are up to 2,100 HGVs in Scotland making a significant contribution to transport-related emissions. The Zemo Partnership said its study, funded by Transport Scotland, showed that these cold chain systems contribute an additional 1-2% greenhouse gas emissions to current official figures reported from all the 37,000 HGV engines operating in the country. 

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Road freight goes green with £20 million funding boost

July 2021

Government encourages fleet operators to convert to battery-electric vehicles in the transition to zero emission road freight.

Pioneering £20 million zero emission road freight trials, funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Innovate UK, will help to develop innovative solutions to support the uptake of zero emission trucks.

Using learning from field testing battery-electric vehicles in a real-world environment, and from undertaking feasibility studies, these activities will help to design and develop cost-effective, zero emission heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and their refuelling infrastructure right here in the UK.