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The CoolRun Project.

The fresh and frozen food market is growing rapidly due to increasing demand for grocery home delivery, convenience store fulfilment and the expanding hospitality sector.


The technologies currently used for refrigerated deliveries rely on compressor-driven, diesel-fuelled, cooling units (in the case of electric vehicles, power is drawn from the principal drivetrain or additional batteries) which are polluting, outdated and becoming increasingly common in urban areas.


The CoolRun Pod is an alternative concept to mobile refrigeration units – a lightweight, durable, cost-effective containment system for the transportation of food and pharmaceuticals, primarily for the last mile of delivery (meaning from the point of order assemble to the final destination and delivered within an eight hour delivery round). The CoolRun Pod completely removes the need for polluting, diesel-fuelled refrigeration units and instead integrates a range of innovative technologies, not previously used in combination in the multi-temperature delivery market.  


CoolRun optimises the handling of foods through a novel insulated Pod system that controls the temperature of individual unit loads. The CoolRun Pod reduces cold air losses caused by door openings as it retains the refrigerated air during multiple drops on the last mile delivery run. Products are kept at their optimal temperatures, ensuring legal requirements are obtained and the thermal gain, which occurs as products are moved between storage locations and delivery vehicles, is avoided, consequently reducing the energy required for re-cooling.

The prototyping stage of the project will occur in the first quarter of 2021 and we are actively seeking test partners. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch via the contact page.