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CoolRun Pods: A Leap Forward

The innovative passive cooling tech revolutionising your fleet. Designed for ease and eco-friendliness, our Pods seamlessly upgrade your vans and trucks for perishable goods transport.

  • Zero Emissions

    Embrace green technology and take a bold step towards your net-zero targets.

  • Extended Cooling

    Over 30 hours of consistent temperature control to ensure product integrity from pickup to delivery.

  • Space Optimisation

    Enhance your vehicle's capacity, eliminating the need for bulky, traditional refrigeration units.

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Streamline Your Fleet, Amplify Your Impact

Elevate your fleet's potential with CoolRun Pods. Less cost, more capacity, and a step ahead in sustainability.

  • Cost Efficiency Unlocked

    Slash fuel and maintenance costs with CoolRun Pods. Expect savings up to £8k annually per vehicle, boosting your bottom line.


  • Expand Your Capacity

    Increase your load by 20% without the bulk of traditional refrigeration. More goods, fewer journeys, peak efficiency.


  • Eco-Friendly Operations

    Embrace the future with zero-emission CoolRun Pods. Cleaner deliveries, greener reputation, fulfilled ESG ambitions.


  • Optimised Deliveries

    Leverage real-time tracking for punctual, fresh deliveries. Impress customers with quality and reliability every time.


  • Safety & Compliance

    Navigate regulations with our easy-to-handle, compliant CoolRun Pods. Safety and simplicity go hand-in-hand.


  • Seamless Integration

    CoolRun Pods fit into your existing setup with zero hassle. Enjoy a plug-and-play solution that's as simple as it is revolutionary.


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About Us 

CoolRun is driven by expertise and a vision for a cleaner, more efficient logistics future.
With a team of over 80 years of combined industry experience, we redefine perishable goods transportation. 

  • Our Mission

    We're on a mission to empower fleet managers like you with the tools to slash operational costs, boost efficiency, and lead the charge in environmental responsibility. CoolRun Pods are our answer to a growing need for sustainable, cost-effective cold chain logistics.


  • Our Journey

    From design through to field trials, we developed CoolRun in collaboration with leading companies operating within food transport in the UK, supported by grant support from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).


  • Our Commitment

    At CoolRun, we are committed to continuous innovation and customer success. Our growth is measured by the value we bring to your operations and the positive impact we make on the environment.


Our Case Studies 

Here's how we're turning our innovative vision into real-world success: 

  • JK Food Depot, Nottingham

    Revolutionising the Landscape of Frozen Logistics: How HUBL's Innovative Solutions Transformed Our Business and Elevated Operational Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions 

Be a part of the disruption 

Smart, Safe, Affordable for Temperature-Sensitive Goods from Producer to Consumer. 

Integrated chilled & ambient containers

Integration can be as quick as a single day, depending on your fleet size and operational readiness.

Chilled Temperatures for Over 30 Hours

Our Pods stay cool for 30+ hours—no complex tech, heavy batteries, or retrofitting required.

Front and rear access

CoolRun’s easy access design - front and rear loading for quick stops.

Split temperature loads

Customise deliveries with CoolRun - transport different goods at their ideal temperatures in one trip.

Door open and lock to 270 degrees 

CoolRun doors open wide - 270 degrees for effortless loading and unloading.

Thin walled to ensure maximum load capacity

Maximise cargo with CoolRun - thin-walled design for ultimate load capacity.
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Navigating Today's Challenges

In a world where efficiency equals profitability, fleet managers face the daunting task of balancing cost control with sustainable operations.

High fuel consumption, stringent environmental regulations, and the relentless pursuit of operational excellence are not just challenges; they're daily realities.

Redefining Cold Chain Logistics for the Future

Refrigerated Trucks in London:  A Costly Carbon Dilemma

83,500 tCO2

Annually from Food
Delivery in london


Trucks Daily

Upto £8,000

Operational Expenses

Significant Effects Created by CoolRun

Witness CoolRun's Positive Impact on a Greener, More Sustainable World


Payload Enhancement


Operational Cost Savings

30 hrs

Extended Cooling


Refrigeration Emissions Removed

CoolRun Pods vs. Traditional Options

Zero Emissions

Up to £8k Savings Per Year

Minimal Maintenance

No Retrofitting Required

30+ Hours of Cooling

20% More Capacity

Multi-Temperature Settings

Advanced IoT Capabilities

Enhances ESG Compliance

Lower Overall OPEX

Modular Design

Reduced Manual Handling


High Emissions

Fuel Efficiency

High Fuel Costs


Frequent & Costly Repairs

Complex Installation


Temperature Control

Limited by Fuel & Energy

Space Utilisation

Reduced Payload Due to Equipment

Operational Flexibility

Single Temperature Range

Technology Integration

Basic or No IoT Integration

Environmental Impact

Could Compromise ESG Goals


Higher Operational Costs


Fixed Structure

Safety & Compliance

Extensive Manual Handling


Traditional Refrigerated Trucks

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Meet the Visionaries

Hugh Frost, CEO

With 30+ years of green business experience, Hugh is the driving force behind our product design and innovation.

Mohammed Faisal, COO

A seasoned entrepreneur, Mohammed has co-founded and led a successful B2B
last-mile startup.

Amrit Thandi, CCO

Amrit brings 25+ years of industry expertise, ensuring that our solutions meet and exceed market needs.

David May, CPO

With a background in fresh produce logistics, David's insights are vital to our product's practical impact.

Explore Sustainable Food Delivery Logistics with CoolRun

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The CoolRun Pod provides an environmentally conscious alternative to existing technologies, which maximises vehicle payload via patented zero-emission, passively-cooled containers.

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Registered in England and Wales, company registration number 8640554.

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IoT and remote data monitoring 

CoolRun Pods are integrated with IoT and 24/7 data monitoring. Trackable deliveries and improved operational efficiency

Flat shipping available 

Ship efficiently with CoolRun - flat shipping option for cost savings

Multi-temperature freight 

One pod, many temperatures - CoolRun adapts to various goods in a single journey.

Ducting to prevent thermal stratification 

Keep it uniformly cool - CoolRun’s ducting prevents temperature variations.

Maintenance Free 

Deliver worry-free - CoolRun requires no maintenance, just reliable operation.

Flexible & Intermodal 

CoolRun adapts - flexible and intermodal, seamlessly fitting into your logistics chain.

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CoolRun is driven by expertise and a vision for a cleaner, more efficient logistics future.
With a team of over 80 years of combined industry experience, we redefine perishable goods transportation. 

Here's how we're turning our innovative vision into real-world success: 852041

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How CoolRun Works?

No Complex Technology, Heavy Batteries or Retrofitting is Needed

Receive the Pods

After choosing your acquisition method, our efficient logistics team will seamlessly deliver the pods to your specified location.



Stack the Pods 

Arrange the pods and load them onto your truck, ensuring that your chilled products are perfectly stacked and ready for delivery with freshness and quality.


Deliver Chilled Products

Trust our advanced cooling technology to keep your products fresh and at the perfect temperature during delivery.

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