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In the UK every year, van and lorry refrigeration systems release 120,000,000kg of carbon dioxide and 450,000kg of nitrogen oxides.


CoolRun is a temperature-controlled containment system for the transport of food and pharmaceuticals that will considerably reduce these non-tail-pipe emissions.


The CoolRun Pod brings together several existing and emerging technologies to create a non-diesel, refrigerated delivery system that can operate both as a fully independent system or as part of an automated distribution network.

The innovative CoolRun system reduces non-tail-pipe emissions from highly polluting refrigeration vehicles.

In 2020, Hubl Logistics Ltd secured a UKRI grant for the development of the CoolRun Pod, the solution to multi-temperature last mile delivery.

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Specialist knowledge from a dedicated team has allowed for significant advancements in the transport refrigeration sector.



The CoolRun Pod is a live UKRI funded project, wholly owned by Hubl Logistics Ltd.


The numerous damaging effects caused by mobile refrigeration systems have been prevalent since the technology was first introduced. Current chilling methods reduce vehicle payload considerably and are highly polluting; the impact of these vehicles is enormous and potentially devastating.


The CoolRun Pod provides a solution to reduce and eventually remove the non-tail-pipe emissions released from refrigerated vehicles. The CoolRun Pod has a wide variety of applications such as grocery delivery, pharmaceutical transport and advancement in areas with limited resources to ensure unbroken cold supply chains.


of carbon dioxide


of nitrogen oxides

are released by van and lorry refrigeration systems annually in the UK


Demand for urban distribution is growing rapidly due to the increasing requirement for grocery home delivery, convenience store fulfilment and the booming restaurant and foodservice market. These markets rely on an increasingly inefficient food distribution model as individual delivery unit size declines.


The innovative CoolRun system provides a new, temperature controlled chilling technology that will reduce non-tail-pipe emissions from highly polluting refrigeration vehicles.


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